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Pond building & construction materials

How to build the perfect long lasting concrete / brick pond

1) Add reinforcing fibres to your render mix.  This will strengthen the surface and make it less likely to crack or shrink. 

2) Next, add waterproofer to the render mix to make it nice and watertight.  

3) Seal the set concrete or render with our concrete hardener and dustproofer so the surface will not have a dusty texture, and will remain bulletproof during the cold and harsh winter. 

4) Seal around your drains, any cracks or pump hoses using our fish friendly silicone.

5) Finally, paint the surface with our rubberised pond paint, which will expand and contract during the temperature changes throughout the year.

6) Sit back, relax and enjoy your pond or water feature!

Chlorinated rubber COLOURED Pond Paint

This chlorinated rubber paint is manufactured using the highest quality ingredients to a fish safe recipe, used in the building industry to coat ponds, swimming pools and hot tubs. 
Three coats are suggested by the manufacturers.

A 5 litre can will cover a 10-15 square metre pond (with three coats).

A 20 litre can will cover a 40-50 square metre pond (with three coats).

Don't forget your brushes! 

5 Litres     =  £79.95
20 Litres   =  £199.95

Colour & Sizes
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Colours available:

Light blue
Light Green