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Fish Food

High Protein Floating Fish Pond Sticks


Containing MORE protein and LESS ash than most high end feeds, we believe this is product offers a full balanced diet for ALL pond fish.

This is a complete food for all pond fish, containing all essential nutrients, fibre, minerals, trace elements and vitamins for a nutritional and biologically balanced diet.  Everything needed for a healthy and happy pond! 

Warning: Using this product will help your fish to grow BIG and HEALTHY!


Soya, Wheat, Maize, fishmeal, alfalfa, meat meal. poultry fat, vitamins and minerals, spirulina.

Contains EC permitted colours E110, E124.

Protein Content:       30%
Oil:                            5%
Fibre:                        2%
Ash:                          7.5%
Vitamin A:   10000 iu/Kg
Vitamin C:   500mg/Kg
Vitamin D:   1500 iu/Kg
Vitamin E:    80 iu/Kg (Alpha tocopherol)
Copper:       15 mg/Kg (Copper sulphate)

Available in 11 litre buckets (re-useable with lid and handle), or 10Kg bags.