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Paint Information

BEWARE of other sellers stating their RUBBERISED product can cover more than 5 square metres per litre.

Try it for yourself using water.  Can you paint an area of more than 5 square metres with just one small litre of liquid?

*It's virtually impossible!

Would you be happy with a coat of paint spead so thinly as other paints suggest???

Our specifications are 100% realistic!

Why Use This Paint? (Rubberised pond paint)

*Supplied ready mixed and ready to apply

*Proven track record of quality and ease of use

*Top rated power seller on Ebay, Amazon and highest volume sales direct from site

*The paint can be applied to dry or slightly damp surfaces

*Guaranteed fish safe (once cured) by the manufacturers

*Product ALSO stops external water coming into your pond if you have damp issues

*It can be applied by brush or roller and has bonded to ANY surface we've ever used it on!

*Product has a stretchy rubbery texture that expands and shrinks

*No more repairs

*Paint direct to brick, metal, fibreglass (etc), or even existing rubber liners to seal water leakage!

*2 YEAR shelf life in sealed / resealed tin.

*Product can give coverages of 3 square metres per litre, and usually more.

*Same 3 coat system as G4 paint, and the market leading paints

*Paint half today, half next week, or whenever! (Useful if you get tired quickly)

*No Cracking - No Flaking - No Peeling - No Repainting!

*Forget rendering your pond with concrete! Save Hundreds of pounds and hours. Paint this direct to brick to completely waterproof your pond! (as long as your pond is structurally sound)

*Using this product will SAVE you £££££'s !!

*Black paint colour never looks dirty. Easy clean! 

*Tried and extensively tested by us and thousands of others.  It has been our primary paint since 2008 on our own pond builds. We keep a mixture of fish breeds (inc expensive Koi), all of which have remained healthy while using this product.

*Product contains bitumen, but is NOT the same as other bitumen paints which are NOT suitable for use with fish ponds. This paint is guaranteed safe for use with fish ponds by the manufacturers