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Pond building & construction materials

How to build the perfect long lasting concrete / brick pond

1) Add reinforcing fibres to your render mix.  This will strengthen the surface and make it less likely to crack or shrink. 

2) Next, add waterproofer to the render mix to make it nice and watertight.  

3) Seal the set concrete or render with our concrete hardener and dustproofer so the surface will not have a dusty texture, and will remain bulletproof during the cold and harsh winter. 

4) Seal around your drains, any cracks or pump hoses using our fish friendly silicone.

5) Finally, paint the surface with our rubberised pond paint, which will expand and contract during the temperature changes throughout the year.

6) Sit back, relax and enjoy your pond or water feature!

Colour: BLACK

Rubberised Pond Paint

Remaining flexible all year round, this rubberised paint is manufactured using the highest quality ingredients to a fish safe recipe.
1 litre will cover approximately 3 square metres, although three coats are suggested by the manufacturers.  Therefore, if you have a 20 square metre pond, you would require 20 litres to coat your pond three times. Don't forget your brushes! 

5 Litres = £49.99     11 Litre = £89.95    25 Litre = £149.95

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Size of tub required:
Paint Brushes - Large Size With Bucket Rest!

A whopping 14cm wide, by 4cm deep paint brush.  Have your pond painted in no time at all! 
Long and soft (but sturdy) bristles combined with a removeable handle and handy "bucket rest" design.  Brushes like these can be found in most DIY shops for upwards of £10 each.  Forget spending £££'s on brush cleaners, or old tiny and worn out brushes - use the same tools we do!  Suggested 3 brushes per "job".

1 Brush = £6,  2 brushes = £12,  3 brushes  = £16 .

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Not sold separately.

Number required
Concrete Hardener & Dustproofing Solution

Seals and hardens old and new concrete floors and walls.  If you're rebuilding an old pond that's not in the best condition, or you're worried about your new render being a bit dusty - this is the product for you!
Simply sprinkle on with a watering can, then brush / sweep into the concrete.  1 litre covers 4 - 5 square metres.  TWO coats required.

5 litre = £49      25 litre = £69

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Size of tub required:
Concrete Reinforcing fibres

A 90g bag of reinforcing fibres is used to treat one 25kg bag of cement.  The product will help to prevent shrinking and cracking during the render and mortar curing process.  This means a stronger and longer lasting render mix.  At this price, it's an absolute must!

90 gram bag              £9.99 (Treats ONE bag of cement)
2 x 90 gram bags      £18.99
3 x 90 gram bags      £27.99

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Number of bags:
Rendermix Waterproofer

This product is poured into your concrete render mix and provides an extra waterproof barrier should your pond paint become damaged.  It also helps to stop moisture from coming up into your base, which will crack your render.  Designed for use in areas subject to continuous water contact. 
We generally add 250-500 ml to each cement mixer load.

5 litre = £49,      25 litre = £69

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Size of tub:
Mist Maker & Fogger with LED LIghting

"Create a magical mist in your ornamental pond or water feature!"

We've used three foggers to create a really heavy effect similar to the picture, although one fogger is sufficient to create a small subtle misty effect.  suitable for smaller ponds and water features.  Each fogger unit has built in LED lighting - which looks fantastic at night!  Supplied *WITH* power  transformer.

1 unit = £19.99,   2 units = £37.99,   3 units = £ 49.99

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Not available separately.

Number required:
Number of tubes:

1 Tube  = £ 9.99      2 Tubes = £18.99
3 tubes = £27.99    4 tubes  = £34.99

Free postage when ordered with other items. 
Not sold separately.

Fish Friendly Silicone
Use for sealing around drains and filter pipes, or to fill holes or cracks in render.  Can be overpainted in 1 hour. 
Supplied in tubes which fit inside silicone guns.  Colour = CLEAR.
Coloured Pond Paint
Available in FOUR colours, and CLEAR!