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As promised I am writing following the treatment of my leaking pond liner with your Rubberised Pond Paint.

"The butyl liner of my 2000 gallon pond developed a slow leak that reduced the level by about 15 to 20cm, but despite draining it beyond that point and scrubbing the exposed liner, I was unable to identify any specific location that would be responsible for the water loss. Clearly there were one or more punctures but they must have been very small, and I was unwilling to go to the expense and trouble of completely relining the pond before exhausting other possibilities.

Research discovered Rubberised Pond Paint available from 5 Play Leisure, and when my order arrived on next day delivery I started to apply it as recommended. This was far easier than I had expected and coverage was excellent, and as there was no obvious suspect area that appeared to need special attention or extra coverage during the painting operation, I simply applied the paint in a band about 30cm wide right around my pond. I was able to put a second coat on in good time and the finish blended well with the original colour of the rest of the liner.

After waiting the recommended time for the paint to cure, I refilled the pond and kept a close eye on my fish. All seemed quite unconcerned, with the Koi happily investigating the newly painted area. None have since shown any ill-effects and best of all, the liner no longer leaks! Where-ever the punctures were, the Rubberised Pond Paint fixed them without my needing to locate them or provide any special equipment or to have previous pond-painting experience. Inexpensive, easy to use, safe and really effective, this is an excellent product."

Please use this as a positive referral, and reproduce any or all of it in your promotional literature, using my name if you wish. As the repair cannot be seen, photographs probably won't be of much help in supporting my narrative, but I can provide an overview of the main pond and of the stream that I built to circulate the water if needed. Just let me know.

Many thanks also for your initial help and advice.

Best regards

Paul Fairweather

Leatherhead, Surrey.
Just thought I would send you the pictures of the pond. That paint was just the job, and now the fish are back in, it looks beautiful again.

Thank you so much for everything.


Pam Lysionek
just a quick note to say what fantastic service you gave,the price and delivery is second to none.i would be happy to recommend your company to anyone you are 5*** rating.

i have some pictures of my father in law pond you may use them but i'm not very good at taking photo's

the pond was built about 10 years ago and 3 years ago it started to leak (as you can see by the crack) tried re-sealing but no good,since applying the pond paint he has had no water leakage.his name is john garty from henbury bristol.

thanks again

g palmer-givan
I emailed you a few weeks ago to determine whether your pond paint would seal our butyl lined pond. The pond has, over the past twenty years, been attacked by foxes and other animals. Holes and tears have been previously repaired using "butyl puncture repair kits". Unfortunately after so many years these have deteriorated and in scrubbing down to clean the liner these came adrift. Unfortunately one of the tears is on a fold and so is difficult to repair but w e made new repairs as best we could.

Following your advice I ordered a 5 Litre pot. The pond paint arrived on the day you promised and was extremely well packaged and protected from any spillage. My wife and I set about painting the pond and the concrete steam that leads to it from a cascade, with the pond paint. With the warm weather the paint was drying very quickly and we were able to recoat in about an hour. The pond and the concrete stream have now received 3 thin coats and both look spectacular! The paint, when it first is applied, is a dark brown colour and then dries to a dark charcoal. The repairs that we have made to the liner are not as noticeable as previously as the pond paint overall coating tends to make the repairs blend into their surroundings.

Thank you for an excellent product and very helpful advice. The only extra advice that I would give users would be to use disposable paint brushes and to protect hands with disposable rubber gloves.

I will recommend this product and your website to all my friends!

All best wishes

Paul Ambridge
More builds coming soon!